The school is located at a prominent location in Sector 20, Panchkula, Opposite famous Group Housing Society SuncityParikrama. It is easily accessible for all the sectors of Panchkula, Dhakoli, Zirakpur, Peer Muchalla and Pinjore.

Pre Nursery to UKG – 9.00am to 12.30 pm
Class I onwards – 9.00am to 2.00pm
Does the school have plans to upgrade?
Yes, the school will be upgraded every year and new classes will be added till the Senior Secondary level.

Day Boarding Facility is optional. Children of working parents can avail this facility as students will stay with us till 5.30pm. They will get homework assistance and will be fruitfully engaged in various sports and cultural activities like basketball, lawn tennis, table tennis, taekwondo, skating, dance, art and craft, singing etc.

School provides nutritious and sumptuous meal to the students 4 times (10-12 food items)a day. A rich and varied menu is prepared keeping the daily dietary requirements of growing age. We completely avoid tetra pack juices, refined oil preparations, sauces etc. Only whole wheat products, home-made chutneys, fresh fruit juices and soups are served. Strict hygiene is observed while preparing and serving food.

It’s a common complaint of mothers that her child doesn’t finish the food sent in his tiffin and the child gives many excuses for the same. For instance, the food was cold or he liked the food in his friend’s tiffin. These excuses are sufficient enough to cause anxiety to a mother.
At Solitaire International, the food is prepared as per the diet plan designed by expert dieticians. It caters to the nutritional requirements of a growing child in an efficient way. All the students are served same kind of food, therefore, even the choosy and picky eaters have been observed developing taste for healthy food as they are quite sensitive towards their peer group and easily pick habits from each other.They not only learn to share but also develop good table etiquette.

Availing the meal facility offered by the school is completely optional. Students who don’t opt this facility, can carry their own tiffin from home. The school has a provision of 4 times meal a day. But a student can also opt for half day meal (2 meals).

The four times meal involves – Fruits, Snacks, Lunch and Evening snacks. Even a Non Day Boarder can also opt for Half Day meal as per the requirement.

All payments to school are vide, cheques, drafts or online bank transfers or cash. Details for online transfers will be given on request by the Admission Counselor.

The campus is monitored under wide range of CCTV surveillance. The cameras are equipped with Hi- tech motion sensors and records video and audio of all the occupants in the premises and around the campus. The students are always accompanied by a teacher or a nanny. Students are counseled time to time to follow school rules and conduct themselves appropriately. There is round the clock guarding of the campus. Identity cards are issued to students and staff and must be carried always. A temporary visitor card is also issued to each person who enters the premises and a constant check is kept at the entry and exit points of the school building.

The school has trained housekeeping staff under an effective supervisor. Frequent inspection by the administrator and the supervisor ensures a clean environment. Support staff is regularly trained to maintain hygiene. There is a facility of RO purified drinking water all through the year. To ensure high standards of sanitization and hygiene, the toilet seats are sterilizedby a steam machine to sterilize the seat after every use at high temperature of 150 degrees. There’s a provision of soap dispenser in each washroom and it is made sure that students develop their habits to wash their hands from time to time.

Besides having a well-equipped infirmary, a trained and experienced medical practitioner is available for the students during the school hours to provide first aid and to deal with an emergency. Proper health cards are issued to each child at the time of admission. Throughout their educationperiod in the school, children’s growth pattern and other health parameters are observed and recorded from time to time. Timely health check -ups are organized and the medical specialists examine the students. The diagnosis is shared with parents so that preventive measures or remedial actions are taken to avoid the occurrence of any health problem.
Often, students also take the benefits of interactive session conducted by the school doctor who often counsels them about the health and hygiene practices that must be followed to lead a healthy life.

Yes, the school has a fleet of GPS enabled AC buses that ply to most of the main areas and locations of the city. The bus is also equipped with a TV that facilitates a healthy recreation during the transition time. CCTV surveillance in the bus also ensures safety and security of students. Details regarding bus routes and pick up points would be shared by our Admission Counselor at the school campus.

The Day Boarding facility provided by the school is one of its kind in the tricity. After the school timings, the boarders are engaged in many fruitful structured activities. They are entitled avail all the facilities of the Evening Hobby Club i.e. to get expert guidance by nationally acclaimed coaches viz a vizBasketball, Skating, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Dance, Music, Art and Craft etc. The day boarders are provided home work assistance and remedial coaching, if required. So, by the time a child reaches home, parents can spend quality time with him without worrying about school projects, activity classes or home work as the whole responsibility is borne by the school.

We follow continuous and ongoing process of evaluating child’s performance. In Junior classes, the assessments are conducted to evaluate knowledge, understanding and application.Equal emphasis is laid on knowledge, retention and recall. Special focus is there on building Higher Order Thinking Skills which equips the child to become a self-motivated and lifelong learner.
A record of the academic progress, cognitive and physical, social and emotional development of the children of all the classes is maintained by the teachers. These are shared periodically with parents and strategies for enhancing the child’s abilities are designed.

Each child is endowed with different set talents and skills. Not only they own a unique pattern of learning but their perception towards the surroundings also varies. At Solitaire International School, a versatile methodology is designed to meet individual learning needs of every learner and refine his skills to the optimum.
We believe in shaping learners into a global citizen. Therefore imparting only bookish knowledge doesn’t justify our vision. Providing hands on learning experience and moving beyond the four walls of class rooms is a unique way that facilitates young learners to observe their surroundings and acquire different concepts at ease. Their problem solving skills are developed in such a way that they are groomed into responsible adults who can deal will real life challenges in an efficient way.
The digital teaching aids i.e. promethean boards and advance interactive learning modules bring the world closer and help students to develop practical approach to face real life situations.Frequent visits and excursions to different place often planned to add excitement to learning.

The school maintains a healthy pupil teacher ratio of 20:1 in each class to ensure that each child is getting much deserved attention of the teacher.

The Evening Hobby Club offers a large variety of activities. The school has tie ups with nationally acclaimed sports coaches who provide training in the sports like Table Tennis, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, Skating and Taekwondo etc. Besides that, classes of Indian and Western Music, Different Dance Forms, Art and Craft are also conducted at the Hobby Club.

We aim at making students embrace new scientific advancements and technology with an open mind. But at the same time it is equally important for them to stay grounded and attached to their roots. Therefore the school follows a curriculum that is a blend of traditional values and modernity of thoughts. Following both national and international curriculum facilitates us to meet our objective.

The school follows No Bag, No Tiffin, NoHomework policy to facilitate working parents and make them lead a tension free life. All the books and note books are retained in the school only and students carry them home only during the weekends. During homework hour, an expert assistance provided by faculty helps to reinforce the concepts taught in the class. Home cooked nutritious food that is served 4 times a day. It also eases out tension of mothers who keep worrying about feeding her child with adifferent variety of food every day.

Besides world class academia, the school is providing the following facilities to the students-
• Meal Facility
• Day Boarding
• Trips and excursions
• Digital class rooms
• Transport
• Homework assistance
• Medical check ups
• Sports – Basket ball, Table tennis, Badminton, Skating, Taekwondo
• Co-curricular Activities – Dance and Music
• Thematic teaching
• Special assemblies
• Art & Craft
• Swimming pool
• Recreation – Fun rides, Trampoline, Kids’ gym, London Bus, Toy Train