Man Power Outsource

Asset Technologies act as a gateway to provide a wide range of HR Services. The concept is to focus on Industry specific Career Planning for job aspirants and at the same time providing filtered & talented bunch of candidates to the industry, because Industry has Jobs but similar job oriented availability of right candidates at the right time is always a challenge for the Industry. We are working on recognizing and bridging the gap between the job seekers and Industry requirement through continues efforts.

Past 6 years we are handling the Man Power Services successfully, to the team of 30 employees. Asset Technologies is a total man power solution provider encompassing the entire gamut of Training & Placement services.

Over the years, Asset Technologies has offered services like Third Party Pay roll and Recruitment Solutions.

Our Values !!!!
Timely delivery of man power with excellent quality.
Commitment to integrity and ethics.
Consistent performance against all odds.
Personally committed to the success.
Efficiently re-aligning, augmenting and leveraging human capital

What makes us Unique !!!!
The present world scenario makes a person fall into groove of cut throat competition and plummeting values. We have always tried our best to instil a healthy competitive spirit in the students which would later help them make winning a habit without compromising with their values.

Focus on the Relationship
We focus on the value of our partners, understanding the personality and expectations of client, client organization and all other stakeholders and plan our plan accordingly for the best of the members.

Clearly Defined Role
We define specific roles and responsibilities for both, clients and other stakeholders and consulting team. Our team members are specifically dedicated towards the goal of a specific partner and achieving the result that has been agreed with them.

Visualize Success
We help the partner see the end at the beginning. We let them know what the truth is and the authentic that can be done. We do not rely on false commitment but provide what we commit.

You Decide, We Advise
We advise our clients to go for something and to decide. Our partners decides what he needs and we just suggest the compensation and advantage/disadvantages of the same.

Result Oriented
We totally relay on result oriented approach and ensure that the solution addresses end user concerns, user training, and implementation and maintenance constraints.